Algebra 2

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Below you will find the assignment info for your class.  Enjoy.

Wed, 8/30: Please, get your course prospectus signed and turned in by Wednesday, August 8.

Wed, 8/30: Finish equations relay race wrksht from class

Friday, 8/31: Odds only on worksheet solving equations worksheet. Work must be shown to earn credit.

Wed, 9/6: finish worksheet 1.5 on inequalities and finish compound inequalities activity from class-- don't worry about matching the graphs to the solutions

Fri, 9/8: wrksht 1.6 on absolute value equations and inequalities

Mon, 9/11: Be nice to your family :-)

Wed, 9/13: finish practice test. Make sure to check your answers. TEST ON FRIDAY

Friday, 9/15: page 57 numbers 1- 24 from textbook

Mon, 9/18: Go to Homecoming, September 23! 7 - 10 pm

Wed 9/20: Page 65-66 numbers 10-16, 17, 18, 25, 26, 29, 30, 32

Friday 9/22: Finish speed dating activity. you need to have all 20 completed for monday
Go to Homecoming, September 23! 7 - 10 pm

Monday 9/25: page 71 7-26 all in textbook. 

Wed, 9/27: have worksheet 2.2 and 1.1 completed for Friday. I will be collecting 2.2

Fri, 9/29: complete 2.3 worksheet and domain/range worksheet
See you on Monday! Remember, it's a white day :-)

Monday 10/16: 1. pg 118 numbers 8-17, 30-33 and 38-41  2. Make a google sheet scatter plot with chipmunk/hawk population

Monday 10/23: page 127 numbers 1-26
Test on chapt 2  Wednesday!

Monday 11/13: page 146  numbers 11-51 odds

Tuesday 11/15: packet of system linear inequalities. Summative Monday on systems

Wednesday 11/29:  Finish stations word problems

Monday, 12/4: Linear programming worksheet. Fix constraint on second graph. Both y and x should be greater than or equal to

Wednesday, 1/3:  Finish Music Store linear programming if it was not handed in today. Also, complete midterm review worksheet

Wednesday, 1/16: BLIZZARD BAG:Finish review packet and check answers by clicking here.  Complete word problems worksheet to prepare for midterm: Worksheet on Word Problems

Welcome!  Please, click the link to your class.  There you will find information about assignments and  upcoming tests.