Algebra 2

Forgot your book in your locker? Hate carrying it around? No worries!! We can access our book and so much more using the Online Textbook! through

Below you will find the assignment info for your class.  Enjoy.

Wed, 8/30: Please, get your course prospectus signed and turned in by Wednesday, August 8.

Wed, 8/30: Finish equations relay race wrksht from class

Friday, 8/31: Odds only on worksheet solving equations worksheet. Work must be shown to earn credit.

Wed, 9/6: finish worksheet 1.5 on inequalities and finish compound inequalities activity from class-- don't worry about matching the graphs to the solutions

Fri, 9/8: wrksht 1.6 on absolute value equations and inequalities

Mon, 9/11: Be nice to your family :-)

Wed, 9/13: finish practice test. Make sure to check your answers. TEST ON FRIDAY

Friday, 9/15: page 57 numbers 1- 24 from textbook

Mon, 9/18: Go to Homecoming, September 23! 7 - 10 pm

Welcome!  Please, click the link to your class.  There you will find information about assignments and  upcoming tests.