Algebra 2

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Username: 2018_student.donnelly Password: PA123456

5/7, Monday: periods 2 and 6: complete the worksheets to prepare for summative on Wednesday

5/4, Friday: Periods 2 and 6: finish any incomplete classwork and finish worksheet on transforming                        functions

5/2, Wednesday:  periods 2 and 6: finish note sheet on transforming functions

4/30, Monday: Periods 2 and 6:  review graphing square and cubic roots
                            homework: graphing worksheet, front side only 1-4

5/2, Wednesday: Periods 2 and 6: finish note sheet from class, first 2 pages pf attachment only

1/26, Friday: Transforming quadratics, finish  classwork/homework

1/20, Monday: Page 199 numbers 23-37, page 200 41, 43, 44-47. 
                        I set up an account with Pearson. Let me know if it works. 
                          Username: 2018_student.donnelly Password: PA123456

1/31, Wednesday: Notes on Solving quadratics using square roots. finish the packet from class:
                             1st page of packet  second page of packet

2/2, Friday: Summative on transforming absolute value and quadratic functions. homeowork finish                      worksheet from class:  Solve using square roots 1 and solve using square roots 2

2/5, Monday: review multiplying polynomials:  wrksht from class.

2/7, Wednesday: Blizzard Bag: complete worksheet on simplifying radicals

2/9, Friday: Notes on factoring. Complete worksheet for HW: factoring trinomials

2/14, Wednesday: continued factoring trinomials in class. Finish worksheet for homework

2/16, Friday: notes on solve quadratics by factoring. complete worksheet for homework

2/19, Monday: worksheet on factoring

3/7, Wednesday:  Worksheet on solving quadratics and graphing parabolas

3/9, Friday:  page 237 numbers 12-17 all ( solve using square roots), 19-27 odds ( solve by              factoring),    29-33 odds ( just find C), and 34-43 odds ( solve by completing the square)

3/12, Monday: worksheets on completing the square

3/14, Wednesday:  page 245 numbers 11-24 if you missed the notes use this video for help:

3/16, Friday: Summative next Friday 3/23 on solving quadratics using all methods
                       in class we completed a practice quiz. your homework is a worksheet on solving                                   quadratic equations using any method

3/26 Monday:  notes on 4.8 Complex Numbers and complete worksheet for HW

3/28 Wednesday:  took notes on graphing quadratic functions and reviewed imaginary numbers .
                              homework is to complete a worksheet on solving quadratics equations

3/29 Friday:  Continued with notes on graphing parabolas. homework was a review of imaginary                              numbers

4/4 Wednesday:  finish packet on graphing quadratic functions

4/11, Wednesday:  finish stations work. remember this is your practice test!
                                 Summative on quadratics  Friday!!

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